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GEEKS history,

Since 2002, we've been obsessed with doing things better than anyone else; we give the real value for the food industry in the market. That's why we're still here with more clever ideas , that makes your desire eager to eat.Today we take our new identity in the market but with the same challenge.

GEEKS The smart diner gives a new theme for restaurants , which offers you the finest food, new place to learn more, and have fun at the same time .That is what differs us from others. Our goal is to make everyone happy, with what you’re paying, we are very careful when it comes to food service, and hygiene.The unique décor makes your eyes search for more details in every corner, which takes you back in memory to your happy old days at school.

GEEKS for people of all ages, has a capacity of 150 seats, live cooking, light corner and a friendly team ready to serve you all day long .
GEEKS offers high quality food, enjoyable atmosphere and unique service, with a delicious variable menu.

GEEKS started with a limited menu based on the concept of operational simplicity. we conceived the idea of offering freshly cooked,
with best quality in the market.

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